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I Love Puffy Love featured in The Globe and Mail

Yaaay!!! We were recently featured in The Globe and Mail. Check out the article here. Click “Read More” to see the link.

I Love Puffy Love Featured in Maclean’s

We are featured in the latest Maclean’s (June 25, 2012). Check out page 74 of the issue for a wonderful photo. Due to the release of the article, there has been some demand for the flavours featured in the magazine … Continue reading

I Love Puffy Love Mallow Pops

We have been selling these for a few months at The Depaneur and per requests, but we decided to finally, and officially launch these as part of our regular line up. So what are the Mallow Pops? Well, they are … Continue reading

Marshmallow Beer?

Ever wanted to try a marshmallow beer? Check out this home brew recipe for a S’Mores beer on What I Drink At Home.

Are Marshmallows Gluten-Free?


The short answer is “Yes”. Now what about the long one? Well, almost all are gluten-free. Of courses there are some exceptions and they come from whether or not these marshmallows have been decorated with something containing gluten. The basic … Continue reading

Wedding Day Gourmet Desserts and Treats


Don’t have enough time to think about what to give your guests at the front door?  Don’t want to be like everyone else? Leave the creativity to us. I Love Puffy Love can prepare wedding favors for just a few … Continue reading